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Alpha Bio Dental Implants – Special Promotion

Alpha Bio Zubni Implanti Promo Cena

Alpha-Bio dental implants are the most affordable and highest quality replacement for missing teeth. Due to a lack of teeth, food that once tasted so good may no longer seem pleasant; talking to colleagues can become more uncomfortable because you worry about your appearance because of a smile. Fortunately for those who need a bright smile full of confidence and greater chewing efficiency, there is a solution: Alpha Bio Dental Implants!


Alpha Bio is part of the Nobel Biocare Corporation, a world-famous company for quality and long-lasting dental implants. In July alone, the dental practice Dentalux in cooperation with Alpha bio company offers dental implants of a renowned brand at a promotional price of € 295. Through many years of cooperation with them, we have managed to provide you with the best price for dental implants in Serbia! This offer is limited and applies to the first 100 implants.

Why do we recommend Alpha Bio Dental Implants?


Alpha bio implants provide a strong foundation and will permanently replace your lost tooth while ensuring that your implant looks and functions exactly the same as a healthy tooth. Dental implants are the new “gold standard” for people with tooth loss. Implants provide strong foundations that look like teeth without any restrictions, giving you the ability to replace missing teeth and smile again!


Dental implants, unlike other options such as dentures or bridges, are durable and easy to maintain. They will ensure your healthy smile, as well as a good ability to chew for the rest of your life.

Advantages of Dental Implants


Dental implants are permanent and require minimal routine maintenance. It will last for the rest of your life giving you a healthy smile that resists time. Dentalux dental practice gives a lifetime warranty on dental implants!


– Unlike other dental options such as artificial teeth (dentures) or bridges, there are no restrictions on chewing food due to the lack of space between them. Patients reported that they could eat anything after they had dental implants!

Alpha bio implanti - ilustracija izgleda

Can anyone install Alpha Bio dental implants?


Anyone who wants to replace a missing tooth can get Alpha Bio dental implants. The whole process from consultation to installation takes a short time and the procedure is completely painless.


Dental Implants Pricing


Dental implants are a long-term investment in the health and health of your teeth. Implants are a justified investment as they significantly facilitate daily food consumption and beautify your smile. The price of the Alpha bio dental implant is currently only € 295 And after 100 implants, we will return the price to the old one.


If you do not have any teeth, use the promotional price to get 4 implants and a temporary bridge that is fixed at a good price of only € 1,880.


Affordable and high-quality dental implants with a lifetime warranty, are a click away!

Implant Installation Procedure in 3 Steps


1. After you get in touch with us, we will send you instructions for 3D recording.


2. You come to the dental examination exclusively with a 3D image, and if it is possible to install an implant, we will schedule an appointment for the intervention. On that occasion, you pay only 50%, which means that you practically reserved the implant at a promotional price. The action is limited by the number of implants.


3. You arrive at the scheduled time to have the implants installed and then you pay the remaining amount of 50%

Dentalux dental practice is located in Belgrade, Vracar, and has permanently employed experts: Dr. Zoran Stajic, a specialist in Oral Surgery, and Dr. Srdjan Konatar, a specialist in prosthetics.

Dr Zoran Stajić / specijalista oralne hirurgije / dr_zoran2002@yahoo.com

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade. He completed his postgraduate studies in implantology and periodontology at the School of Dentistry in New York, USA. He completed his specialization in oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. Apart from oral surgery, he also deals with other branches of dentistry. He received professional training both in the United States and in Europe. He was one of the first to start using lasers in dentistry to a greater extent in our country. He completed training in the application of lasers in dentistry in Israel and the United States. He is a member of the American Academy of Laser Dentistry and a regular participant in their congresses. www.laserdentistry.org

Dr Srđan Konatar / specijalista stomatološke protetike / srdjankonatar@gmail.com

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, the University of Belgrade in 2012. He became a member of the Dentalux team in 2014. Kind and patient, it will make you feel comfortable in the office. He perfected his knowledge in the field of dental prosthetics and aesthetics at courses in the country and abroad. He completed his specialization in the field of dental prosthetics at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. He is an active member of the European Association for Cosmetic Dentistry (https://escdonline.eu/), and a member of the European Association for Osseointegration (eoa.clubexpress.com).

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