To save money, patients often opt for dental surgeries whose services are cheaper. Inadequate treatment and unprofessional interventions can not only cause an even bigger problem, but can also leave negative consequences on other vital organs and your health in general.cenovnik


In that case, the dental office would refer you to someone else, and you would have to set aside even more money, and in addition you would go through great pain.

Dentalux Dream-team consists of Dr. Zoran Stajić, a specialist in oral surgery and Dr. Srdjan Konatar, a specialist in dental prosthetics, who solve even the most demanding interventions successfully with their proven knowledge and many years of experience.


The quality of our services is reflected in the recommendations of patients and the global leader in implantology – the Nobel Biocare company. We are proud to point out the long-term cooperation with them, but also the quality of the materials we use.


Call us today and find out about the dates and procedure and we will do our best to answer all questions and make your smile as bright as it should be.



Our services are not the cheapest on the market but the quality we offer is the best!


1. Dental Specialistic Checkup 20€
2. X-ray 3€
3. Local anesthetic 3€

Pediatric dentistry

4. Fissure sealing 20€
5. Primary tooth extraction 15€
6. Endodontic treatment of primary tooth 25€
7. Glass ionomer filling of primary tooth 25€

Restorative dentistry

8. Composite filling 25-35€


9. Root canal treatment of pulpitis 35-60€
10. Root canal treatment of gangrene 50-70€


11. Metal post 50€
12. Porcelan fused to metal crown 120€
13. All-ceramic crown 250€
14. Partial acrylic denture 250€
15. Total denture 300€
16. Partial denture with metal base 400€
17. Flexible valplast® partial denture 400€
18. Repair of denture 20€
19. Metal-ceramic crown on isomed implant 250€
20. Metal-ceramic crown on Nobel active implant 350€
21. All-ceramic crown on isomed implant 400€
22. All-ceramic crown on Nobel active implant 500€

Oral surgery

23. Routine tooth extraction 25€
24. Surgical extraction 100€
25. Impacted tooth extraction 120€
26. Apicoectomy ( root resection) 120-200€
27. Frenectomy using laser 100€
28. Sinus closure 100€
29. One side sinus lift 1200€
30. Sinus lift both sides 2000€
31. Implant isomed 500€
32. Implant nobel active 800€


33. Conservative treatment of periodontal pocket 10€
34. Flap surgery 65€ per tooth

Esthetic dentistry

35. Whitening of all teeth 200€
36. Whitening of devitalised tooth 50€
37. Tooth jewelry 50€
38. Porcelane laminate veneers 250€


39. Active orthodontic appliance 200€
40. Functional orthodontic appliance 400€
41. Rpe appliance 200€
42. Fixed orthodontic appliance 700€
43. Fixed orthodontic appliance with self-ligating braces 800€
44. Esthetic fixed orthodontic appliance 850
45. Fixed orthodontic appliance with esthetic self-ligating braces 1000
46. Inman appliance 250€
47. Teeth retainer 50€

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