Completely new teeth, completely new smile, completely new you – with just four implants.

If you or someone close to you need a fresh start, All-on-4 might be the perfect solution for you. All on 4 is a treatment concept in which a full arch fixed bridge is supported by just 4 implants. All on 4 is a safe and predictable procedure, and it has a very high success rate(in our office currently is 100%). Using All on 4 treatment concept we’ve successfully freed many of our patients from wearing dentures, restored them their youthful smile, gave them back their self-esteem, and enabled them to eat their favourite  food again.

No matter if the reasons for teeth loss are not going to the dentist, accidents, age, or you were simply born with an increased tendency to have dental and gum disease, it is important to know that the Dentalux dental team can help you.

What does the procedure on All on 4 Therapy Concept look like?

  • On the first visit, our doctors Dr. Stajic and Dr. Konatar will first meet you, do a thorough examination, listen to your wishes and problems related to oral health, and in most cases we will make a set of photographs and take impressions of both jaws, which we will later use for additional analyses performed without your presence. You will then be instructed to make a CBCT x-ray of one or both jaws.
  • After you make the CBCT, it arrives at the email office. The information obtained through the recording is combined with all other information (obtained during the interview, examination, etc.). After that, we make a detailed therapy plan, inform you and schedule the appointment for implant placement.
  • On your second visit, we place 4 implants into the upper or lower jaw (both can be done simultaneously). The surgery itself is painless and is performed under local anesthesia. The intervention can also be performed in sedation, with the presence of anaesthesiologists. During the intervention, Dr. Stajic will extract the remaining teeth (if there are teeth to be extracted), place 4 implants, and then Dr. Konatar will take an impression for a temporary bridge, or convert your existing denture into a fixed bridge that will be supported by 4 implants. A temporary acrylic bridge shall be installed within 48 hours from the time of implant placement.
  • The day after the intervention, you come for your first check-up.
  • After 7 days we remove the sutures. In some cases, we can install resorbable sutures so that you do not need to come to the removal office, which can be significant for patients traveling shortly after the intervention.
  • After a healing period of 3-6 months, it’s time to get a definitive restoration. After this, you will be able to enjoy the food you love again

Will I be able to eat my favourite  food normally after implant placement?

The All on 4 concept is unique because only 4 implants carry the entire dental arch. However, it still takes about 3 months for the implants to heal completely, and you must be careful during this period. Soft and liquid food is advised. After 3 months, when the implants are completely healed, and after we make the definitive bridge, you will be able to eat normally.

If you want to get into the office in the morning, leave all the troubles you have with your teeth behind, and come out in the afternoon with beautiful, fixed teeth, call us and schedule your first consultation. * in some cases it takes up to 48 hours to create temporary work

The specialist’s dental office Dentalux is recommended by Nobel Biocare, a global leader in implantology, for our excellence and superior service.


How much does All on 4 therapy cost?

All on 4 is a life-changing investment. After the interview with you, examination and analyses of all the data and x-rays, our doctors will make you an offer based on your needs and your situation. It is often not possible to determine a precise price before a review because the situation is different for different people. The final price depends on whether one or both jaws are made, the complexity of the operation itself, whether your bone is of sufficient quality or requires some additional treatment to enable implant placement, and the material from which definitive bridge will be made. At Dentalux specialist office for All on 4 treatment, we use exclusively Nobel Biocare implants, which are proven to be among the best in the world, for them the company gives a lifetime warranty, and with these implants we have outstanding results.

Our experts in oral implantology

dr Zoran Stajić – oral surgeon

special skills: implant dentistry, All-on-4, lasers

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University. He completed his postgraduate studies in implantology and periodontology at the College of Dentistry, New York University in the USA


dr Srđan Konatar – prosthodontist

special skills: implant prosthetics, All-on-4, digital smile design, veneers

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade university in 2012, and finished a 3 years specialization program in prosthodontics at the same Faculty.