The branch of medicSTOMATOLOŠKI TURIZAMal tourism called dental tourism includes going abroad for the use of dental services, and often includes a mini vacation. So you get a new experience and a new smile at the same time, while taking a break from the usual everyday life, and with that the prices of dental services are more favorable!


Such a top service at more affordable prices is offered to tourists by our office. Dentalux dental practice has hosted many patients from abroad during the 27 years of its existence and provided them with the dental care they sought, under the best conditions.


A very popular destination for dental tourism is Serbia and it is visited by citizens of Austria, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, as well as the USA and Canada. In recent years, the number of tourists coming to Belgrade for dental services has multiplied. Many of them turned to Dentalux Dental Practice, where we provided top service at a price lower than the price in the country they come from. Dental tourism in Serbia is popular because patients receive the same or even better service than in another country, and the prices of dental services are much more favorable


Our dentists are affirmed and known outside the borders of Serbia for the practice they acquired during their studies and complete education.

dentalni turizam

Apart from the professional staff, our practice does not lag behind foreign ones in terms of equipment and materials it uses. Dentalux is a modernly equipped dental practice in which top experts, Dr. Zoran Stajić, a specialist in oral surgery and others. Dr. Srdjan Konatar, a specialist in dental prosthetics, uses the most modern materials and techniques, and equipment. Our doctors have completed a large number of trainings abroad, and still often go abroad for training in order to provide our patients with the best possible care, and peace, tranquility and happiness, knowing that we have done our best for every patient and every smile.


Patients sometimes make mistakes, comparing the price of services in the cheapest surgeries abroad with the price in the best and most expensive surgeries in Serbia. Even then, the prices in Serbia are much lower, but It can lead to the wrong conclusion that the difference is not as dramatic as they expected. What they need to know is that in these cases, the difference in the quality of service they can get in our country is dramatic in relation to those surgeries abroad.

Dental tourism in Serbia is of interest to many patients, and they stay in our country most often from seven to ten days, and return satisfied, with newly acquired self-confidence and a nicer, brighter smile, and still a full wallet. Of course, an individual treatment plan is provided for each patient, which we will fit in with your possibilities for coming to Belgrade.




The capital of Serbia offers tourists many attractive locations, but also a top dental service in the Dentalux office, which is located in the capital – Belgrade.


We pay special time and attention to patients from abroad because we understand that it takes courage to decide to trust a dentist from a foreign country, and a visit to the dentist in itself is not something that is a pleasure. That is why the Dentalux team always tries to make your stay in the capital of Serbia a very pleasant experience that will remain a fond memory. Of course, everything we offer also applies to our compatriots who work and live abroad.


If you decide for dental tourism in Belgrade, you are welcome in our office. It is possible to provide you with a welcome at the airport, as well as transport to the hotel of your choice which is close to our office.

You can choose::

Dentalni turizam

Hotel Slavija and Slavija Lux


Or some of the apartments close to our dental practice:


Apartmani Beograd




Stan na dan


The Dentalux team is fluent in English, and if necessary, a translator for French, German or Italian may be present during interventions and examinations.


Payment is possible in cash, but also with debit or credit cards Visa, Maestro and Master card, as well as a domestic DIna card.


Appointments are made by phone or e-mail. It would be good to send us an orthopedic image (orthopantomografy X-Ray) via e-mail so that we can more easily make a framework therapy plan. You can find our phone numbers and e-mail addresses on our contact page. Your questions are welcome and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. If you see dental tourism as a solution to a problem, we are the right choice.

Dentalni turizam

Why is Serbia an interesting destination for dental tourism?


People abroad spend a lot of money and time solving dental problems. The most common dental treatment costs a lot. Why would you pay more and wait longer for a nice smile? In the Dentalux office, we work with the same procedure, we use the highest quality materials, and you wait much less for the new look of your smile. In addition, the price is much cheaper than in the west, but again in line with the quality of service we provide.


We offer you top quality service with the most modern and highest quality materials and equipment, and you can be sure that we follow modern world standards. So do not hesitate, and if you are thinking about changing your smile and you are not from Serbia, contact our office, and we will make sure that you leave Serbia satisfied and smiling, while saving money. Our goal is to exceed your expectations

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