Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a completely safe process that changes teeth color, returning their natural color or making them brighter than they have ever been. Thanks to this procedure, yellow teeth can become white again.

How is teeth whitening done?


One of the procedures which are most often performed in aesthetic dentistry is exactly teeth whitening. Teeth whitening enables the teeth to return their natural color or make it brighter than they were. Modern materials are used and this is achieved completely safe. When it comes to active components of the teeth whitening, are carbamide peroxide or Izbeljivanjehydrogen peroxide

People have always wanted to make yellow teeth become white, and they have used various things for that, such as an example in ancient Rome when they tried to keep the smiles white by using urine and goat milk. Today, patients are offered various solutions such as teeth whitening tapes, teeth whitening pencils, but they are always inefficient, and they can be potentially dangerous or harmfull, and cause teeth deterioration or tissue around them. You will get the only efficient and safe solution when you visit the dentist.

What is necessary before this treatment?


A detailed dental examination of the complete oral cavity is necessary before the treatment. If there is tooth decay on the teeth, gum inflammation, or any other disease of the oral cavity, it is necessary to repair the wound before teeth whitening begins.

What are the two ways to whiten teeth?

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Home technique for teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening is performed by the patient carrying foils which are individually made at home, and teeth whitening material is placed in them. How long the patient will wear foils during the day depends on the concentration of the whitening material in the product. Time varies from 30 minutes to 8 hours during the day. Most often the treatment lasts 10-14 days

Teeth whitening in the office

If you are preparing for a celebration, wedding, trip or you just don’t want to wait two weeks for a glistening white new smile, there is a solution for you. Under the supervision of the doctor, in the office we can do teeth whitening for you in just one hour.

Are there side effects?

Teeth whitening is a process during which there can be a enhanced sensitivity of teeth to cold and heat, but in the case of home whitening it is easily solved by using teeth whitening agents with low concentration . After whitening in dental practice, increased sensitivity appears more often. But, if some side effects occur, you should know that all side effects are transient and temporary.

How long do the results last when it comes to teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening gives results that are long-lasting, but, of course, the tooth color is affected by the use of cigarettes, coffee and extremely colored beverages, as well as food. In order to permanently retain the color achieved by whitening, it is necessary to partially repeat the treatment, which lasts a day or two, annually or once in two years.


Which teeth whitening agent can be used for natural teeth whitening?


Many patients ask us how to naturally whiten teeth and what is the best tool for whitening teeth. On the market you can find tapes for teeth whitening, a teeth whitening pen and various strips for whitening teeth, but these solutions are not effective and may even be harmful.


Natural teeth whitening can not be achieved by using teeth whitening tooth paste, but it can lead to teeth sensitivity. When it comes to teeth whitening, patients experiences confirm that, in most cases, the best option is home teeth whitening, and we can definitely offer this option to you if you leave.

What causes discoloration?

According to the cause (etiology) and localization, we distinguish domestic (endogenous) and external (exogenous) discolorations. Exogenic discolorations are caused by consumption of colored beverages and food (coca cola, teas, coffee) as well as tobacco tar, etc. Yellow teeth is a phenomenon that many smokers have a problem with, and teeth whitening is a solution that brings white back in its teeth.

Endogenous discoloration are anomalies that occur within the dentin and enamel, and are divided into those that occur after tooth growth (posteruptive – endodontonska therapy, trauma) and those that came before tooth eruption (preeruptive – dentinogenesis i amelogenesis imperfect, tetracycline discoloration, endemic fluorosis ).

Can teeth whitening be harmful?


By no means! Many studies show that this dental intervention, which is micro invasive, is not harmful, especially when methods under the control of dentists are used. New agents are used for whitening teeth, which contain substances that strengthen teeth, and after teeth whitening, they are more resistant to caries and get mineralized.


Teeth whitening indicated by a dentist that takes place in the home environment, with agents of reputable brands, and is under constant supervision of a professional in a relatively short time, is absolutely safe and efficient way for teeth whitening”, publication of the American dental association.

Why decide on teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening is the procedure of removing discolorations and various stains from the dental surface, which leads to bringing the white color to the teeth. This is a very popular procedure which owes its popularity to the fact that provides the effect of beautiful, glittering white teeth without any inconvenience, safe, and at affordable price.


It is not easy to have a beautiful and magical smile. This requires a disciplinary approach when it comes to oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. Unfortunately, nature has not given to many teeth which are healthy and which have beautiful color and shape. However, that does not have to prevent you from having them. Teeth whitening is a process that is available to everyone today, and it will make discolored teeth brighter than ever before. A beautiful smile is something that is always noticed, and those who have it easier achieve both verbal and non-verbal communication

With a bright white smile, people feel better and leave a better impression.

Aging and life often negatively affect tooth color, but it doesn’t mean that we need to reconcile with it. Teeth whitening is a method that you will definitely be completely satisfied with. It is not uncomfortable and does not hurt, and it guarantees beauty, reflection of light, and full gloss of teeth. Whether you decide to whiten your teeth at dental practice or whitening your teeth at home, you will surely be satisfied with a new beautiful smile. For teeth whitening, the experiences of our patients prove it.

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What does the procedure for home teeth whitening look like?


At the first visit, your doctor will perform a detailed examination, if necessary repairs defects, remove dental plaque, deposits and pigmentation from the teeth. Then they will determine the existing teeth color, and take a photo so that we could later compare the new color of your teeth with the initial tint. After that, we take the impressions of both jaws and schedule the next date. In the second visit (which, if we agree, can be the same day!), you get individually made moldings in which teeth whitening material is placed.


Wear moldings at home for 10-14 days, and the wearing time during the day depends on the concentration of the active substance in the teeth whitening material and the degree of discoloration, it varies from 30 minutes to 8 hours a day. You will receive detailed instructions for your specific case from our doctors.

What is dental office teeth whitening?


One of the methods of teeth whitening is teeth whitening in our office, when the dentist, in addition to diagnosing, conducts and controls the therapy. This method implies gel application, and highly concentrated agents are used. The procedure is performed in strictly controlled conditions where special attention is paid to the protection of soft tissues. Gel activation can be performed using a lamp, although it does not affect the result after teeth whitening

In many offices, this method is called laser teeth whitening, although it can mislead patients, because they are right in the middle of the lamp with the light of a certain wave, and the result of the teeth whitening according to large number of studies does not depend whether for the activation of gel we use lamp (” laser ”) or not. The duration of this procedure is about an hour of time. Ordinary teeth whitening will bring you a smile on your face back, and that smile will be better than ever.

Is the price for teeth whitening affordable?


For teeth whitening the price includes an examination, all necessary whitening materials and the procedure itself. The price does not include possible repairs if they are needed, as well as the removal of dental plaque and pigmentation from the teeth. For maximum results, it is possible to do both office and home whitening as a combination. For more information please review pricing.

What is the procedure after teeth whitening is done?


We are often asked what should be done after the teeth whitening has been done. We always remind you that it is necessary to come to dental examinations regularly in order to make your teeth healthy, as well as it is necessary to maintain regular hygiene. It is interesting that people often do not connect teeth color with their health, although any change of color should be reported to the dentist. The natural color of the teeth is not glittering white, but any darkening should worry you.

Maintenance of teeth after whitening is common: you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes. After whitening, if it is necessary, you will get a special toothpaste from our office, which has a goal to lower sensitivity that may result after, or during the teeth whitening procedure. It is good to brush your teeth more than twice during the day, but twice a day is enough. It is recommended to use dental floss, as well as a toothbrush that has a smaller head, so that you can reach all the parts where it is possible to remove deposits and bacteria.


The first step towards healthier and beautiful teeth is to remove alcohol and cigarettes. We always advise you to maintain the treatment of your teeth and to repair all possible defects, stone or caries. Delaying problems never makes change for the better, and you should always have that in mind. The beauty of your smile depends on your responsibility and commitment to healthy habits such as regular visits to a dentist who will prevent all possible problems that would occur if you were waiting.

Let’s get in touch and make your smile shine today!

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