Low level laser therapy

Lasers | Therapeutic possibilities of laser radiation from the red portion of the visible spectrum are well known. The laser used in our office is of low intensity from the red portion of the spectrum with the wavelength of 630 nm. Its biological effect is based on active stimulating effect on tissue regeneration process. It is assumed that the basis of this mechanism is absorption of light energy by cells and converting it into other forms of energy (thermal, chemical, etc.)

The result of this is improved local metabolism followed by improved local circulation and cellular nutrient supply, better transport of substances to cells, enhanced permeability of cell membranes, increased catabolic and anabolic cell activity, and consequently, better cell regeneration and reparation ability. The stimulation of local immune system and anti-inflammatory effect of radiation are equally significant.

In dentisty LLLT  is used as a support in treatment of ::

  1. laseriStomatitis
  2. Parodontopathy
  3. Alveolitis and pericoronitis
  4. Arthritis and arthrosis of the temporomandibular joint
  5. Neuralgia and neuritis
  6. And also, whenever it is necessary to stimulate the healing process of postoperative wounds

In our dental office, we also have two types of high-power lasers, CO2 and erbium-yag, which are used:

  1. In surgical therapy of paradontopathy
  2. In frenectomy – which is completely painless, without stitches and a very fast and comfortable method of labial or lingual frenulum removal, especially suitable for children.
  3. For clinical crown lengthening and gum reshaping

Our experts laser dentistry

Dr Zoran Stajić

Oral surgery specialist

Special skills :

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University. He completed his postgraduate studies in implantology and periodontology at the College of Dentistry, New York University in the USA. He specialized in oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade.


dr Srđan Konatar

Dental prosthetics specialist

Special skills:

  • implant prosthetic,
  • All-on-4,
  • digital smile design,
  • veneers

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade university in 2012, and finished a 3 years specialization program in prosthodontics at the same Faculty.

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