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Completely new teeth – completely new smile – with only 4 implants


It is our goal to provide a hassle-free dental experience. All you need to do is come see us and we will take care of everything!


Benefits you’ll experience with an exclusive package in phase 1 for only 2.230€:


  • Extraction of the remaining teeth of one jaw
  • Installation of 4 Alpha Bio implants in one jaw
  • Temporary bridge fixed for implants
  • Free accommodation and breakfast in a 4-star hotel for 4 days http://www.marquisehotel.rs
  • Free transport from and to the airport


Benefits you’ll experience with an exclusive package in phase 2 for only 2.140€:


  • Making a metal-ceramic bridge that is fixed to implants
  • Free accommodation and breakfast in a 4-star hotel for 8 days http://www.marquisehotel.rs
  • Free transport from and to the airport


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What is All on 4?


If you, or someone dear to you, need a fresh start, All on 4 could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The All on 4 concept means that the bridge that compensates all teeth of one jaw leans on only 4 implants. All on 4 is a safe and predictable procedure, with an extremely high success rate. By using All on 4 in Belgrade, we have returned a youthful smile and self-confidence to many of our patients, freed them from dentures, and allowed them to once again enjoy their favorite food, as well as socializing and talking to their friends, without the fear that the denture will move or fall out of their mouths.


Regardless of whether the reason for losing the teeth are irregular visits to the dentist, accidents, old age, or you’re simply born with an increased tendency to get dental and gum diseases, it’s important that you know that the professional team of dental clinic Dentalux can help you.


Take advantage of the promotional price for all on 4, which is valid for a limited number of implants!


Special Offer (Expenses covered by us)


If you’re looking for a dental office that offers compassionate and attentive care, and a stellar customer service experience at reasonable prices, Dental Office Dentalux is the perfect place.


With its free hotel pick-up from the airport to your accommodations upon arrival in the city of Belgrade, we make it easy! Experience Serbian hospitality & world-class dentistry right here at home with Dental Office Dentalux Serbia. Hotel Marquise is an amazing 4 start hotel near our dental office and we will cover the hotel expenses!

How does the procedure itself look like regarding the All on 4 therapeutic concept?

In the first visit, our doctors Dr. Stajić and Dr. Konatar, will meet with you, do a thorough examination, listen to your wishes and problems related to oral health, and, in most cases, we will make a set of photographs and make jaw prints, which we will need later for additional analyses which are done without your presence. Afterward, you will receive a referral for CBCT imaging of one or both jaws.


After you make a CBCT image, it arrives at the e-mail of our dental clinic. The information gained from the image is combined with all the other information (which we got during the conversation, examination, etc.). After that, we create a detailed plan of treatment, inform you, and schedule the time for implant placement.


In your second visit, we place 4 implants in the upper or lower jaw (it’s possible to do both at the same time). The operation itself is painless, and it’s performed in local anesthesia. The intervention can also be done in sedation, in the presence of an anesthesiologist, which can be useful to people who have a big fear of dental procedures. During the intervention, Dr. Stajić will extract the rest of the teeth (if there are teeth that should be extracted), place 4 implants, and then Dr. Konatar will take an impression to make a temporary bridge, or will reshape your existing dentures into a fixed bridge that will be supported by placed implants.  The temporary acrylic bridge is placed no later than 48 h from the moment the implants are placed

The day after the intervention, you come for the first check-up.


After 7 days, we remove the stitches. In some cases, we can make dissolving stitches, so there would be no need to come to the dental clinic to get them removed, which can mean a lot to patients who are traveling soon after the intervention. That’s one more reason to decide on dental tourism and All on 4 in Serbia if you come from abroad.


After a healing period that lasts for 3-6 months, it’s time for you to get a permanent bridge. After this, you will again be able to enjoy the food that you love.

Will I be able to eat normally right after the implants are placed?

The concept of All on 4 is unique because only 4 implants are carrying the entire dental arch. However, it still takes about 3 months for the implants to heal completely, and you must be careful during that time. Softer and mushy foods are advised. After 3 months, when the implants have completely healed, and after we create a definitive bridge, you will be able to eat normally.

If you want to walk in the dental clinic in the morning, leave all the troubles you’ve been having with your teeth behind, and walk out in the afternoon with beautiful, fixated teeth, call us and schedule the first check-up. * in certain cases, it takes up to 48h to make temporary work

The specialized dental clinic Dentalux is recommended by the company Nobel Biocare, a global leader in implantology, for its excellence and superior service.

What are the advantages of the therapeutic concept All on 4 in Serbia?

The first advantage is, of course, cost reduction. Some other forms of reconstruction of the toothless jaw would imply the placement of 6-8 implants, and most of the time, that requires the procedure of implanting an artificial bone and lifting two sinuses as well, which costs a lot more in total. The All on 4 therapeutic concept requires the placement of only 4 implants, while All on 6 or All on 8 requires 6 or 8. Logically, the fewer the number of implants needed to be placed is, the lower is the cost.


The second advantage is the reduction in the number of interventions and time. The usual procedure is to cover the implants with mucous membrane after implantation, and after the completion of osseointegration, which lasts 3 to 4 months, to open the implants and then the components for gum formation are placed on them, after which we wait again for a few weeks until the impression can be taken. All on 4 skips all these phases, so it allows a temporary bridge to be obtained on the same day. The All on 4 implant placement system gives the patient the option that the permanent or temporary work gets placed on the implants we placed earlier, all on the same day. That work is fixated with small screws behind the implants that are placed. After successfully performing the surgical part of the therapy, we approach the prosthetic part. As for the surgical intervention, only one is performed. This means that you get your teeth in 24 hours.


The third advantage is the professional team working in Dentalux dental clinic. It consists of a specialist in oral surgery, Dr. Zoran Stajić, who completed postgraduate studies in periodontology and implantology at the Faculty of Dentistry in New York, in the U.S.A. and a specialist in dental prosthetics Dr. Srdjan Konatar, whose special skill is, among other things, exactly the All on 4 therapeutic procedure. You will be safe in the arms of these experts. Don’t hesitate and visit our dental clinic in Belgrade.


The fourth advantage is that All on 4 requires less available bone. With this technique, there is a larger contact surface between the jawbone and the lateral implant. It’s possible to use the jawbone better, and there is very little need to compensate for it. We are also able to avoid sinus lift, which is a complex and expensive method. When it is needed to place 6 or 8 implants, it may happen that in certain regions, there is not enough available bone needed for implantation, so it is necessary to compensate for it to a greater or lesser extent.


The fifth, and maybe for patients, the most important advantage is painlessness. After this procedure, you will very quickly recover and return to your routine.


The sixth advantage is that our dental clinic uses exclusively Nobel Biocare implants, which is the only implant system that is specially patented and supported by professor Zubni ImplantiPaolo Malo who is the author of the All on 4 concept. Nobel Biocare implants are unique, not only because of their dimension but also because of their design, which is completely adapted to the purpose. Most implant systems allow the All on 4 concept to be performed, but only Nobel Biocare has absolutely all the qualities needed.


Many people from abroad decide on All on 4 in Serbia , and we recommend them to look at our page about dental tourism as well, for more advantages that you have when you choose to have your dental interventions done in our dental clinic and in Serbia.

Why does the dental clinic Dentalux exclusively use Nobel Biocare dental implants?

Stomatologist Paolo Malo is the author of the therapeutic concept All on 4. At the end of the last century, he suggested to the leading implant manufacturers that they apply his new concept, as well as to develop implants that would be ideal for this therapeutic procedure.


However, Nobel Biocare was the only company that supported professor Malo back then. They developed the All on 4 therapeutic concept together, to include special implants and special parts. Today, other manufacturers also offer similar solutions that use the same concept under other names, but only Nobel Biocare has managed to scientifically document the success of their approach.


This means that a certain number of average patients was selected and they had the procedure where the All on 4 implant system was used, and it was determined that the implantation was completely successful in a significant percentage, which shows that the implants are stable even after many years. Even 98% of patients who were treated with the All on 4 therapeutic concept would recommend it to other patients.

Am I a candidate for this prosthetic work?

This method of modern prosthetic repair is suitable for patients who are toothless, for those who have teeth that all need to be extracted, do not have enough bone to place more than four implants, or do not want a denture. The CBCT image we refer you to needs to show that you have enough bone for the implants to be placed.

All on 4 is an investment that will change your life. After talking to you, the first examination and analysis of the images, our doctors will compile an offer based on your needs and your situation. It is often not possible to determine the exact price before the examination because the situation is different for different people.


The final price depends on whether one or both jaws are performed, the complexity of the operation itself, whether your bone is of sufficient quality or certain preparations for installation is needed, and the material from which the final work will be made. In the specialist dental practice Dentalux for All on 4 treatment, we use exclusively Nobel Biocare implants, which are proven to be among the best in the world, to which the company gives a lifetime warranty, and which have been proven in our hands to give outstanding results.

All on 4 takes place in two phases and it is necessary to pass a certain period of time between visits.


First phase: In the first visit, all the teeth are removed, 4 implants are placed and a temporary bridge is made, which is fixed with screws (it is not removed). The price of the first phase depends on the implant you choose:


The price of all on 4 with Nobel Implants for the first phase is



Dentalux Special Offer for Phase 1: Implants + temporary bridge + transport from and to the airport + accommodation in a 4* hotel for 4 days 3.000€  2.230€.


Second phase: After 4 months, a definitive bridge is made, which is fixed to the dental implants with screws.


The price of all on 4 with Nobel Implants for the second phase is 2.450€:



Dentalux Special Offer for Phase 2: definitive metal-ceramic bridge + transport from and to the airport + accommodation in a 4* hotel for 8 days 2.900€  2.140€.

All on 4 Promotion

Total price all on 4 with Nobel Implants:  6.800€


Total promo price all on 4 with Alpha Bio implants + transport from and to the airport in both visits + accommodation in a 4* hotel for 12 days total:   5.900€ 4.370€ 



The discount is valid for the first 100 implants.



By scheduling and paying an advance of 50%, you have the right to do all on 4 at a promotional price even after the expiration of the action. If you are planning to change your smile this summer, we definitely recommend that you contact us and save money. Currently, this is the best offer in Serbia!

Our experts in oral implantology

In the specialized dental clinic Dentalux, Oral surgery specialist Dr. Stajic and Dental prosthetics specialist Dr. Konatar always participate in the planning of therapy, and if needed, so do doctors of other specialties, which is the main reason for the high success rate of implant treatment in our clinic, which is 99,5% in the last 15 years, which is how long we have been doing implant treatments. In addition to that, the company Nobel Biocare gives a lifetime warranty on its implants, so you can be absolutely sure that you will get the best possible treatment in the dental clinic Dentalux.

Dr Zoran Stajić

Oral surgery specialist

Special skills :

  • implant dentistry,
  • All-on-4,
  • lasers

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University. He completed his postgraduate studies in implantology and periodontology at the College of Dentistry, New York University in the USA. He specialized in oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade.


dr Srđan Konatar

Dental prosthetics specialist

Special skills:

  • implant prosthetic,
  • All-on-4,
  • digital smile design,
  • veneers

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade university in 2012, and finished a 3 years specialization program in prosthodontics at the same Faculty.

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