Veneers or facets are thin ceramic (or composite) flakes 0.3-1 mm thick that allow us to dramatically change the appearance of teeth and smile without grinding teeth, or with minimal grinding. There are composite veneers and ceramic veneers.


Veneers are fixed to the front surface of the teeth, which can be seen when speaking and laughing. Properly made and placed veneers for teeth have exceptional stability of shape and color, and their optical characteristics are maximally natural.




Not only a good look is extremely important in a loving and social sense, but it has been proven that beautiful people often get better opportunities in a professional sense as well. The lower third of the face has an exceptional influence on the perception of facial beauty. For that reason, we say that the role of a beautiful smile is indisputable.


A beautiful smile opens many doors, whether it is a social, love or business opportunity, and that is indisputable. A beautiful smile will give you great self-confidence, and the first precondition for achieving everything you want is faith in yourself. Veneers are the right choice for all those who care about a bright and healthy smile, and at the same time want to preserve their natural teeth to the maximum.




Dentalux recommends making a dental veneer in the following cases::


  1. When teeth are resistant to whitening – teeth that are impossible to whiten, ie. when it comes to devitalized teeth and tetracycline stained teeth.
  2. When the teeth have an unfavorable shape – diastema and conical teeth, as well as in cases when there are black triangles in the area between the front teeth, which most often occur due to the pulling of the gums.
  3.  When increasing the length of the teeth is needed – since the teeth wear out over the years, it is possible to restore their youthful appearance by using veneers.
  4.  When there is a need to compensate for a large loss of enamel – either in case of tooth injuries or other damage to the enamel.
  5.  When it comes to a combination of previous indications – e.g. diastema and tooth color that is unfavorable

Why is the benefitFasete of veneers?


Veneers make the maximum preservation of a natural healthy dental substance possible, by applying a technique that is minimally invasive, while the effect of prosthetic therapy, both aesthetically and functionally, is maximal.


What Is The Difference Between A Dental Veneer And A Dental Cover?


Dental veneers are actually very similar to dental crowns, and the difference between a crown and a veneer is that veneers are placed only on the front surface of the tooth and store significantly more dental substance. This is a ceramic restoration (except in the case of a composite veneer) which is placed after the preparation of the tooth and which significantly improves the appearance of the tooth.


Sometimes it is possible to make veneers without grinding the tooth at all. In other cases, minimal grinding is required to get the best possible result. There is also a difference in the fact that veneers are used somewhat less often because they require a preserved and relatively healthy tooth

How does the manufacture of dental veneers look like?


Making veneers is similar to making crowns. In the first visit, our Dr. Srdjan and / or Dr. Zoran will get to know you and listen to your wishes and suggestions regarding a new smile. Then we take tooth impressions and take a set of photos that we need for digital smile planning (Digital Smile Design – DSD).


In the next visit, we grind the teeth for veneers if necessary, and we take impressions for making veneers in the laboratory. In most cases, grinding is done less than 0.3 mm per tooth, and sometimes it is possible to do the so-called non-prep veneers, when not a single tooth is ground.


After that, the patient receives temporary veneers, which he wears while permanent ones are made. If we make composite veneers, the protocol is a little different: very often in one visit we can finish the tooth reshaping, since composite veneers are made directly in the office. Ceramic veneers are cemented for teeth, while composite veneers are applied in layers, after that the patient goes home satisfied and happy with his new smile

What Are Facets Made Of?


Veneers can be made of two materials, ceramic or composite. Composite veneers do not give the same aesthetic results as ceramic veneers. Their lifespan is shorter and more frequent corrections are necessary, and their advantage is that they are somewhat cheaper compared to ceramic ones, and sometimes they can be completed in just one visit.


On the other hand, ceramic veneers are of the highest quality, as well as aesthetically the best solution if you want to transform the look of your natural teeth, of course in cases when their production is recommended by a dentist with whom you consulted before the decision.

Fasete - Viniri



Composite dental veneers are used not only to change the color of teeth, but also to change their shape and position. For ceramic veneers, the price is a bit higher, so if the price is crucial for veneers, you will choose the ones that are cheaper.


Another difference is reflected in the fact that composite veneers are made during one visit, during which the gluing of the composite is done by directly applying the material to the tooth. They are made, like ceramic veneers, without significant grinding of the teeth.


What’s the price for composite veneers?


Composite veneers have a shorter lifespan. They can last for several years, with adequate maintenance and corrections performed by the dentist, after which they need to be changed. For that reason, for these veneers for teeth, the price is lower in the beginning, as the necessary corrections over time, the ceramic veneers become more cost-effective.

Izbor fasete za zube



Ceramic veneers are a trend that is becoming more and more common and recognizable, and they are the perfect alternative solution to tooth covers. It is a less invasive method of reshaping or changing the color and position of the teeth compared to metal-free dental crowns.


In some cases, it is necessary to prepare enamel, in some cases it is not, and you will find out the best solution for you from Dr. Srdjan when you come for an examination. A ceramic veneer 0.3-1 mm thick is obtained and it is permanently cemented for the tooth.



Ceramic veneers have the power to completely change your smile, and make it as Hollywood’s biggest stars. If you also want to change the look, color or shape of your teeth, our specialist dental practice offers you the production of ceramic veneers. If you have tetracycline, yellow or stained teeth, or you want to close the diastema (space between the teeth), ceramic veneers are the right solution for you.


As ceramic veneers are very thin ceramic flakes, you need to take care to avoid cracking just like with your natural teeth. Hard or tough things should not be bitten at all, because veneers can crack under great pressure, as can tooth enamel. Veneers are a top achievement of modern aesthetic dentistry and represent covers that are thin and are made in order to compensate for lost parts of the teeth.



One of the ways to solve the problem with missing teeth are ceramic veneers, and the other most similar way are composite veneers that have an identical function. When you need to decide which veneers are best for you, it is best to consult with our doctors and consider both options. But when it comes to ceramic materials, you can be sure that the resistance will be better and the lifespan longer.


In addition to the fact that ceramic veneers last longer, they also maintain color better and adapt better to the appearance of other teeth (they fit into existing teeth). The difference is therefore in the durability of the material, but there is also a significant difference when it comes to price. The price for ceramic veneers is significantly higher than for composite ones, which is understandable considering the durability, quality of materials and other differences.

Odabir fasete za zube



No, it isn’t. The procedures that are performed in order to place veneers are painless, and local anesthesia is usually not needed. In some moments, the intervention can be almost imperceptibly unpleasant, but we always encourage you to point out any inconvenience to our doctors, in order to make your intervention as pleasant as possible.


No-prep veneers are those whose placement is performed on healthy teeth and their function is usually exclusively aesthetic. Veneers can be installed on several teeth or on one tooth, and we will make the decision together in the office, depending on what we want to achieve. In order to achieve a change of smile, it is usually necessary to make 8-10 facets, ie from four on one side to four on the other, or from five to five.



The price of veneer per tooth can be seen in our price list for ceramic veneers as well as for composite veneers. When you think about the price, what you should keep in mind is what you get for that money, and in our office, with dedication, knowledge and experience, you can get a Hollywood smile and newly acquired self-confidence with which you leave the office.

Muskarac pere zube

How are these dental covers maintained?


Maintaining a dental veneer is almost identical to maintaining natural teeth. Maintain them by brushing them at least twice a day, flossing and interdental brushes at least once a day – at night before bed.


Coffee, Coca-Cola, cigarettes and tea often accelerate the process of staining and decay of veneers, although ceramic veneers are significantly more resistant to discoloration than composite veneers, and also than natural teeth. High pressure on them can also cause them to break, so it is extremely important to be careful when consuming hard food (for example, all thin and hard objects, such as the tip of a fork, which can cause breakage of natural tooth enamel can also damage the veneer).

Facets or dental veneers can be placed in a variety of shapes and sizes, and on almost any type of tooth. Proper budget planning is important because the price for veneers for teeth is not very low. But, having in mind what kind of problem they solve, and when the health and beauty of a smile are taken into consideration, what you will get with that far exceeds the price of the intervention.


After several years of work and a large number of patients, it did not happen that someone said after the intervention that he was sorry he did the veneers. Furthermore, they said they would do the same again if they could turn back time.


The cause of tooth decay is very often just improper and insufficient hygiene. That is why we never stop reminding you to take care of the way you brush your teeth, and to dedicate yourself to maintaining oral hygiene and thus prolong the life of your teeth, and thus veneers. By this we primarily mean regular check-ups at the dentist, but also life habits that are healthy. However, even if you do not follow these rules, all is not lost, because you can always contact us and we will provide you with adequate professional assistance.

Our experts in dental prosthetics


dr Srđan Konatar

Dental prosthetics specialist

Special skills:

  • implant prosthetic,
  • All-on-4,
  • digital smile design,
  • veneers

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade university in 2012, and finished a 3 years specialization program in prosthodontics at the same Faculty.

Dr Zoran Stajić

Oral surgery specialist

Special skills :

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University. He completed his postgraduate studies in implantology and periodontology at the College of Dentistry, New York University in the USA. He specialized in oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade.



Implants and all-ceramic crowns

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I am very pleased that I came to see Dr. Zoran and Dr. Srdjan, who are experts and have placed my implants. I am particularly pleased that it is made by modern principles and high-quality materials. I would advise anyone who has lost their teeth and who can afford to fix their problem with implants. I have had implants placed in Germany before, so I have this experience, but I can say that in Serbia dentists are real professionals, that everything went smoothly from the beginning, and that I did not have any pain. Thanks to the whole Dentalux team for my natural smile.


Implants and all-ceramic crowns

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Implants and all-ceramic crowns

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Implants and all-ceramic crowns

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