All our wishes are, in a way, related to beauty. Good looks have become very important not only regarding our social and love life, but it has also been proved that beautiful people get better jobs too. The lower third of the face has a major impact on the perception of facial aesthetics and the role of a beautiful smile is, therefore, undeniable.
Veneers are thin ceramic shells with 0.3-1mm thickness and are placed over the front surface of teeth (which is visible when smiling and talking). When adequately made and placed, veneers show excellent color and shape stability and almost perfect optical properties giving a very natural look.
Veneer placement is recommended in the following cases:
1. When teeth are resistant to whitening- tetracycline-stained teeth, devitalized teeth that cannot be whitened
2. Unfavorable tooth shape – conical teeth and diastemas , as well as the occurrence of black triangles between the front teeth
3. When it is necessary to increase the tooth length – over time, teeth get worn down, and in this way, a youthful look can be restored
4. When it is necessary to compensate a severe tooth enamel loss
5. When there is a combination of the aforementioned indications – e.g. unfavorable teeth color and diastema

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By applying a minimally invasive technique, veneers enable us to preserve as much of the healthy natural tooth substance as possible and to achieve maximum effects of the prosthetic treatment – both aesthetic and functional.

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