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Stomatološka ordinacija Dentalux na Slaviji. Osim standardnih procedura u našoj ordinaciji preko 10 godina su u upotrebi i dva tipa lasera - erbium-yag I CO2 laser.
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Our Team

Dr Zoran Stajić / oral surgery specialist / dr_zoran2002@yahoo.com

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University. He completed his postgraduate studies in implantology and periodontology at the College of Dentistry, New York University in the USA. He specialized in oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. Apart from oral surgery he has gained significant experience in other branches of dentistry. He has had professional training both in the USA and Europe. He was among the first who started to use laser in dentistry in our country. He did professional training courses in laser application in Israel and the USA. He is a member of the American Academy of Laser Dentistry and is a regular participant in their congresses. www.laserdentistry.org

Dr Srđan Konatar / doctor of dentistry / srdjankonatar@gmail.com

He gratuated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade university. He becomes part of the Dentalux team in 2014. Kind and patient, he will make you feel comfortable in the office. He perfected his knowledge in the areas of prosthodontics and estetics on courses both in Serbia and abroad. He graduated in the field of prosthodontics from Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University. He is an active member of The European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (http://www.escdonline.eu/), as well as The European Association forOseointegration(http://www.eao.org/).

Dr Jadran Stojadinović /orthodontics practitioner/ jadrans@ptt.rs

He graduated from Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 2003. He took part in numerious scientific meetings, seminars and congresses. He specialized orhodontics in Faculty of Dentistry from 2007 and finished in 2010. when he become orthodontics practitioner.

Sandra Jovanovic / dental assistant /

She graduated from Dental assistant school in 2013. and became part of the Dentalux team in 2016. The area that interests her most is oral surgery. Her free time is spent with family and friends, as well as in reading and listening to music. She takes care of abandoned dogs.

SlavicaKnezevic / dental assistant /

She graduated from Dental assistant school in 2014. After graduating, she became part of the Dentalux team in 2018. Her hobbies include make-up and drawing.