Non-metal crowns

Due to the development of technology and dental materials it is now possible to make crowns without a metal basis. Crowns entirely made out of ceramics are highly aesthetic dental restorations, with which a completely natural look of the teeth is achieved. What differentiates them from the classical metal-ceramic crowns is their translucency, i.e. the ability to permit light to pass through in the same way as natural tooth enamel does, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding teeth and give an attractive look. Another important advantage is that with the use of non-metal crowns the occurrence of gum line discoloration is avoided. Some patients are allergic to some types of metal used for metal-ceramic crown fabrication, so non-metal crowns are the right choice for them. Ceramic used in the fabrication of non-metal crowns is generally not more abrasive than tooth enamel and therefore causes less abrasion of the natural teeth in contact with the crown.