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Stomatološka ordinacija Dentalux na Slaviji. Osim standardnih procedura u našoj ordinaciji preko 10 godina su u upotrebi i dva tipa lasera - erbium-yag I CO2 laser.
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Dental implants are specially designed restorations made of titanium or, less often titanium alloy, whose primary use is to be placed into live tissue. They are basis for prosthetic works, i.e. they can support dentures, crowns and bridges.
Implants fuse with the bone through a process called osseointegration. After being placed into the bone, they stimulate the surrounding bone, i.e. prevent alveolar ridge resorption which inevitably occurs after tooth loss.
The most important conditions for a successful dental implant therapy are:
1. Top expert with years of experience in the field of implantology, and
2. The type of implant being placed
In dental office Dentalux, oral surgery and dental implant surgery are performed by Doctor Zoran Stajić, an oral surgery specialist who completed his postgraduate studies at NY University of Dentistry in the USA.
Out of various implant systems existing in the market, the ones that are used in our office are :

a. NobelActive – uniquely designed implants which enable excellent stability in the bone and exceptional aesthetic results. Nobel company gives a lifetime guarantee for their implants http://wwwo.nobelbiocare.com/en/warranty/default.aspx


b. Isomed – one of the most popular systems

If you are not able to visit us in person, you can send us your orthopantogram (dental x-ray image) via e-mail on dentalux@live.com, and we will find a solution for you.